November is National Hospice & Palliative Care Month.  Around the country, hospice and palliative care organizations use the month to raise awareness about these specialized forms of healthcare.

At our hospice, we will use the month to celebrate what we believe hospice and palliative care to be about: life.

With our #WeHonorLife campaign, we will remember some of the people and families who taught us how to live, even in the face of serious illness. They had goals and dreams and living to do, but needed home-based, specialized care to make that possible. We were honored to provide them that care and to be part of their inspiring lives and stories.

The story of Conely Murray’s love of adventure will be featured in the #WeHonorLife campaign.

Watch for the #WeHonorLife campaign on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, where we will share videos, photos, and details of these special people and stories. The campaign also includes a Chamber Chat on Nov. 14 with the Richmond Chamber of Commerce and a takeover of the Richmond Chamber’s Instagram account on Nov. 17.

How can you participate in the #WeHonorLife campaign? Visit our campaign site to learn all the ways you can honor life, from volunteering or shopping to donating and inviting us to speak to your group.

We especially encourage you to consider volunteering. It takes a team to make special stories like this possible, and volunteers are often part of that team. They have helped organize weddings, celebrate milestone birthdays, had conversations with patients and families to learn about their hopes and dreams, and so much more. It’s easier than ever to become a volunteer and be part of honoring life. Just fill out our volunteer application or contact Mariah, volunteer coordinator, at 859.626.9292 or

Hospice Care Plus would like to extend its deep appreciation to the families and patients who gave us permission to share their stories. Thank you for helping us show our community what living can look like in this chapter of life. Thank you for the inspiration and hope you give. #WeHonorLife in your memories.


Hospice Care Plus was founded as a non-profit organization to support the quality of life of its communities through hospice, palliative, and bereavement care programs. The organization serves Estill, Jackson, Lee, Madison, Owsley, and Rockcastle counties and owns and operates the Compassionate Care Center in Richmond. Relying on contributions from individuals and groups, all care is provided regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. Make a gift, explore career and volunteer opportunities, or call 859-986-1500 to learn more.