Hospice Care Plus &
The Hospice Care Plus Compassionate Care Center

350 Isaacs Lane
Richmond, KY 40475
Main Line: (859) 986-1500 or (800) 806-5492
Compassionate Care Center: (859) 626-9292 or (833) 378-1069

Email: hospice@hospicecp.org

As of February 2023, all of our programs and staff are located at the Compassionate Care Center campus. Please use our main line to reach staff in the Home Hospice Care program, Palliative Care Plus, Bereavement Care, Durable Medical Equipment, and administration. To reach the staff at the Compassionate Care Center, please use the Center’s line.

Fax Numbers

Referrals & Admissions : (888) 265-2561
Compassionate Care Center: (859) 626-9272
Home Hospice Care, Palliative Care Plus, Bereavement: (859) 986-2546