Help is on the way.

Caregivers are people who help care for a loved one. Your loved one may live with you and rely on you as their primary caregiver, or your loved one may be a relative who lives independently and needs help occasionally. In both cases, you’re part of their family caregiving team.

Our organization offers two programs that support and empower you as you do this extraordinary work of caring for a family member:

Home Palliative Care for those with a chronic, progressive illness who need an extra layer of support as they continue curative treatment.

Home Hospice Care for those with a serious illness who want to remain at home and who are no longer undergoing curative treatments. Home Hospice Care can be with you and your loved one for several months, providing in-home care and services to make the caregiving journey go more smoothly.

The purpose of both programs is to:

  • make hospitalization less likely by receiving care at home
  • support and empower caregivers 
  • increase quality of life through pain and symptom management and additional services
  • assist caregivers with medication management to increase safety and maximize symptom control
Both home-hospice and home-palliative care help your loved one have higher quality of life, so they can do the things that are important to them. In Marlene’s case, she hoped to play the carillon. Hospice home care worked with her and her family caregivers to make that possible.

We also offer periodic workshops for family caregivers through our U-Care program. Workshops such as Family Caregiving 101 and Medicare 101 for Family Caregivers give caregivers powerful information, resources, and support for your caregiving journey.

To learn more about our home care programs or caregiver workshops, contact us by email or call us anytime at 859-986-1500 or 800-806-5492.

As a non-profit organization, our mission is to support patients and caregivers in our community. We provide care regardless of ability to pay and serve patients, families, and caregivers in these Kentucky counties: