Palliative Care is a free program designed for patients with a chronic, progressive illness who need assistance with resources or need support to help manage their condition. Palliative Care provides a physician, nurse, and social worker who help:

  • Manage pain and symptoms by consulting with your physicians
  • Ensure access to community resources
  • Help with coordination of care
  • Arrange for support with light errands, companionship, or other needs
  • Support the patient and family

Palliative Care can help if you:

  • Have a progressive, chronic illness or other life-limiting disease and
  • Need assistance navigating the healthcare system or
  • Are still seeking curative treatment, but need in-home support to help manage your condition
  • Would like to increase quality of life

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I receive Palliative Care even if I’m still pursuing aggressive treatments, such as chemotherapy?

Yes. In fact, Palliative Care services may be particularly useful to you in this situation.

If I’m a home health patient or a nursing home patient, do I qualify for Palliative Care?

Yes. The Palliative Care team can make home visits to you and your family, even if you are currently being seen by home health. Nursing home patients may also have palliative care.

What can the Palliative Care team do to help me?

The team supplements your care by serving as a liaison between your physician(s) and community resources. The team helps manage pain and symptoms through nursing assessments and coordination with your physicians and offers practical support to your family.

How do I request Palliative Care services?

Anyone can make a Palliative Care referral or just call to ask questions about the program. Simply call 859-986-1500 or 1-800-806-5492.