Noodle Nirvana, a locally owned Berea restaurant that believes small businesses can make a big difference, is re-launching its non-profit partnership program. Hospice Care Plus has been chosen as the current non-profit partner.

The partnership was originally announced in late 2019, but was interrupted by the pandemic.

“Three months into our partnership with Hospice Care Plus, a global pandemic hit, impacting sales, tips, and the restaurant industry forever,” said Mae Suramek, owner and co-founder along with Adam Mullikin. “As we all slowly emerge, recover, and reprioritize, one norm we know we want to return to is our commitment to our community.”

The partnership re-launched on Wednesday, July 7, and will continue through June 2022. It features First Wednesdays, when, on the first Wednesday each month, twenty percent of profits are donated to the designated non-profit. In addition, all tips, all the time are donated. The restaurant also creates an impressive, in-store information display that educates about the chosen non-profit’s mission and needs.

“Our fundraising has taken a terrible hit due to the pandemic,” says Brenna Wallhausser, director of public relations. “It still looks as if it will take some time for our in-person fundraising events to get back to full strength. So, Noodle Nirvana’s non-profit partnership is a saving grace for us. We’re incredibly grateful to the owners and staff.”

Noodle Nirvana’s non-profit partnership has raised over $120,000 for four non-profits in four years. Mae and Adam say they are committed to “an innovative business model that commits to living wages, supporting local food providers, and significantly impacting the most pressing needs of the community.”

Noodle Nirvana is open for dine-in, online ordering with curbside pickup, and delivery through Colonel Delivery. Visit their website to learn more and for operating hours.