Beattyville Christian Church is hosting a special event—An Evening of Music—on Saturday, Nov. 7, at 6pm, to raise funds for Hospice Care Plus.

Featured music includes bluegrass, jazz, classical, country, gospel, folk and more.  Local musicians will be highlighted.

The organizers suggest a donation of at least $5.00 to attend.  All proceeds benefit Hospice Care Plus.

Brenna Wallhausser, director of public relations for Hospice Care Plus, says the event has earned a reputation for its talented performers.

“Every year, we get feedback that guests are stunned by the quality of the performances,” says Brenna. “The organizers have done an amazing job of bringing together a really impressive range of talent under one roof.”

Linda Congleton and Angela Woods are the event’s organizers. They are both board members for Hospice Care Plus who wanted to help raise funds by hosting something that highlights local and regional talent while helping an organization they care about.

“We are so grateful to Linda, Angela, Beattyville Christian Church, and everyone who’s worked so hard on this event,” says Brenna. “It’s so important that we raise funds each year to make sure we can provide the care and services that are needed, regardless of ability to pay. That just wouldn’t be possible without events like these.”

For more information about the event, contact Linda Congleton at, or call Julie at Hospice Care Plus at 800-806-5492 or 859-986-1500.