For people who’ve recently lost a loved one, the holiday season can present numerous challenges.

The Holiday Grief Workshop, created and hosted by Hospice Care Plus, will discuss those challenges and give participants tips and tools to help them navigate the holiday season.

The workshops will be held on November 10 and 12 at Hospice’s Compassionate Care Center in Richmond.  The November 10 workshop is from 6-7pm and the November 12 workshop is from 1-2pm.

There is no charge to attend and registration is not required.

Lisa Knicely, CSW, Hospice’s director of outreach programs, says the workshop is not a support group, but a brief class to share skills, tips, and insight.

“People who are grieving can be apprehensive about the holiday season,” Lisa says. “The Holiday Grief Workshop focuses on very practical tips on how to get through the season.”

The workshop will focus on education about the grieving process, stresses unique to the holiday season, the importance of mourning and memorial activities, and examples of memorial activities families can incorporate during the holidays.

For questions, contact Hospice Care Plus at 859-986-1500 or