Now through October 6, local residents can see one of our patient care teams at the intersection of Highway 25 and the Robert Martin Bypass in Richmond.

For the first time ever, they are featured on a billboard that educates about the nature of hospice and palliative care. The slogan? Caring is a team sport.

Initially, the idea for the billboard was to feature Hospice Care Plus’s chief medical director, Hanan Budeiri, MD. But, when approached about the idea, Dr. Budeiri insisted that she be joined by one of our care teams to show the true, team nature of the care we provide.


Alisha Brewer, provides hospice care for patients who live in nursing homes and private residences and has been with us four years.

Diana Bond, is a social worker who provides hospice care for patients living in facilities or at home. Diana also provides bereavement care and supervises social work student interns.  Diana has been with us 18 years.

Hanan Budeiri, MD, chief medical director, has been with us 16 years.

Christal Isaacs, is a nurse aide who works in our home hospice program and also supports hospice patients who live in facilities. She has been with us 15 years.

Sally Iseral, is a chaplain who works in our home hospice and bereavement care programs and is the leader of our spiritual care team. Sally has been with us ten years.






















Each of these women specializes in one of the disciplines required for high-quality, team care in the hospice and palliative field. Each is an expert in the aspect of care they represent, and each values the expertise of the others. They collaborate to best meet the needs of the patient and family.

Special thanks to photographer Crystal Wylie who donated the photography for the billboard. When she gathered the team together for the shoot, she created a relaxed, fun environment. As is evident in the outtakes, they enjoyed the space Crystal created and had a rare moment of lighthearted fun.

It’s important to note that not every discipline involved in our care teams could fit onto the billboard. Not pictured are our volunteers, housekeeping-dietary aids, medical delivery staff, or even the administrative staff who support the care we provide. All have an equally important role to play in what we do each day, and we could not do it without them.