BereavementHospice Care Plus provides grief support to caregivers and families of hospice patients as well as to our community.  Contact us anytime at 859-986-1500, 800-806-5492, or through our web form to ask questions or learn more about these resources.

Our Bereavement Care Includes:

  • First Tuesday Grief Support Groups (See Below)
  • Shadow Box Workshops
  • School-Based Grief Groups for Children
  • Pet Therapy
  • One-On-One Support Sessions
  • Supportive Phone Calls & Literature
  • Special memorial events (May Memorial Service, Remembrance Tree Ceremony)
  • Crisis response

First Tuesday Grief Support Groups

  • Our grief support group meets the first Tuesday of each month, 11 a.m. to noon, at our Compassionate Care Center.
  • The Center is located at 350 Isaacs Lane in Richmond.
  • The group is for adult caregivers or family members of loved ones cared for by our hospice.
  • If you’ve had a loss but your loved one did not receive care from our hospice, please contact us before attending the monthly support group.  We want to learn more about you to determine if the group can meet your needs.
  • You can reach our Bereavement Program by calling 859-986-1500 or 800-806-5492 or by using our web form.

My Bereavement Booklet

This booklet was created and published by our bereavement team. We’re happy to mail this to anyone who would like extra support as they grieve the loss of a loved one, regardless of whether our hospice cared for him or her. Please contact us to request the booklet: 859-986-1500 or