Nikki Stuart, a staff member at Hospice Care Plus, got a jump start on the selfie-tag challenge by taking selfies with (clockwise from top left) Rep. Rita Smart, UK Coach John Calipari, EKU President Michael Benson, and WKYT anchor Jennifer Nime Palumbo.

If you’ve seen a slew of selfies lately on Facebook or other social media, some of them may well be part of the first-ever #unselfieforhospicecareplus campaign.

The campaign, which begins the week of November 2, encourages users to engage in selfie-tag in support of hospice care. To play, users take a selfie with someone who they’re challenging to donate to Hospice Care Plus. The challenged person then has to take a selfie with someone else, and challenge that person as well.

The goal is to raise both funds for and awareness of hospice care during National Hospice Month.

All selfies will use the hashtag #unselfieforhospicecareplus. Some individuals have already collected selfies in preparation for the campaign. Some special selfies to watch out for are ones featuring John Calipari, head coach of the University of Kentucky’s men’s basketball team; WKYT anchor Jennifer Nime Palumbo; Michael Benson, president of Eastern Kentucky University; Richmond Mayor Jim Barnes; Madison County Judge Executive Reagan Taylor; Representative Rita Smart; Mendi Goble, executive director of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce; and numerous other individuals and business leaders.

To see all the selfie as they’re posted, search for #unselfieforhospicecareplus on your social media platform. The Hospice Care Plus Facebook page will share many of the selfies as well.

Those who are challenged to support Hospice Care Plus as part of the campaign can donate online at Donations can also be made in person at the Hospice Care Plus Berea office at 208 Kidd Drive, or at the Compassionate Care Center at 350 Isaacs Lane in Richmond. Be sure to include a note explaining that the donation is part of the selfie campaign.

Gifts can also be made by phone at 859-986-1500.

To learn more about the #unselfieforhospicecareplus campaign, give us a call at 859-986-1500.