Caregiver Connection, a new resource for family caregivers, hosts a meeting on the first Monday of each month. The meetings are designed to give caregivers a chance to network and share tips, challenges, resources, and more. Caregiver Connection is hosted and sponsored by Hospice Care Plus.  At this time, meetings are held virtually via Zoom. You can register for the October meeting online.

“Part of our mission has always been to support family caregivers, and we do that well with caregivers in our hospice and palliative programs,” says Gail McGillis, interim CEO at Hospice Care Plus. “But caregivers need support long before hospice is involved. This is one way we can make that possible.”

According to Tiffani Wright, community liaison at Hospice, a family caregiver is anyone who helps a loved one regularly, usually because physical or cognitive conditions make that help necessary.

“Early in the caregiving journey, a family caregiver might help once a week with physically demanding tasks, like housekeeping or grocery shopping,” says Tiffani. “They may provide transportation to appointments for their loved one. For those who are further along in the caregiving journey, they may be providing full-time care in a live-in situation.”

Caregiver Connection’s monthly meetings are for all family caregivers, regardless of where they are in their journey. Tiffani, who has helped create and launch the program, says participants help determine the agenda.

“We want this to be a group that’s by and for caregivers,” says Tiffani. “As hosts, we’ll provide lose guidance to get it started, but what they do each month during the Caregiver Connection meeting will be determined by them. It’s about their needs.”

Once in-person meetings are possible, a complimentary lunch will be provided at each meeting.

To learn more or for questions, contact Caregiver Connection at 859-986-1500 or