Request a personalized memorial candle for this year’s May Memorial Service. Contact Julie at 800.806.5492 or

On Tuesday, May 19, Hospice Care Plus staff will join with families of hospice patients to remember and honor loved ones.

The annual Hospice Care Plus May Memorial Service is at 6:00 p.m. on May 19 at Eastside Community Church in Richmond.  A reception will follow, with refreshments provided by hospice volunteers.

During the service, Hospice Care Plus staff and families of hospice patients pause to remember the loved ones who passed away under our in the past year.  The service is also open to the community, who may submit names to be memorialized, even if their loved one was not cared for by hospice. The names can be provided to Hospice Care Plus now through the evening of the service.  Names of hospice patients served in the past year are automatically included.

During the service, memorial names scroll on a projector as we share readings, prayers, and live music. During the reading of names, staff will carry a microphone from table-to-table. Guests who wish to read their loved ones’ names aloud may do so at that time.

Memorial gifts are welcome and help Hospice Care Plus provide patient, family, and community programs regardless of ability to pay. However, donations are not required to participate in the May Memorial Service.

To learn more about the event, make a memorial donation, or to submit a name, contact Julie Hatfield at 859-986-1500 or