The family room at the Compassionate Care Center. First Tuesday Tours begin Feb. 2 and continue on the first Tuesday of each month, from noon until 6 p.m. All are welcome and light refreshments will be provided.

Starting Tuesday, February 2, the Hospice Care Plus Compassionate Care Center will offer First Tuesday Tours.

The tours are to help the community learn more about one of Kentucky’s few, freestanding, hospice inpatient centers and will be offered on the first Tuesday of each month from noon through 6 p.m.  Light refreshments will be provided.

Gail McGillis, CEO of Hospice Care Plus and the current director of the Center, says the new event is designed to make sure anyone who wants a tour is able to get one.

“Community members have always dropped by and asked to tour, and we’ve always welcomed that,” says Gail. “But we didn’t always have staff available who could give their full attention to a thorough tour.  The idea behind First Tuesday Tours is to make sure we have extra staff for tours on those days, so we have the time to answer everyone’s questions and really give them the level of detail they want.”

Gail says the staff will still accommodate people who want tours on other days of the month, but expects that many will take advantage of the designated first Tuesday.

The tours are for community members who want to know about volunteer needs at the Compassionate Care Center, who may want to get involved with group service projects, or who are exploring care options for a loved one. Members of the healthcare community also request tours to learn more about the medical and supportive care provided.

Civic groups, churches, classes, and local businesses are also invited to tour during the First Tuesday event.

“Our goal is to make it easy for the community to get involved with or learn more about the Center,” says Gail.

The Compassionate Care Center opened in 2008 and was made possible by a generous donation of land by Mrs. Jewel Isaacs and the fundraising event, Spring Thing (later the Gala on Derby Eve).  The Center provides respite, inpatient, and short-term residential care for patients who already receive hospice care or who are hospice-eligible and will continue hospice care when discharged from the Center. The facility is designed to be home-like, with large rooms, French doors in each patient room, rolling pastures visible from all rooms, and personalized care. To learn more about First Tuesday Tours or the Center, call 859-626-9292 or visit the video tour on our website.