There are exciting changes ahead for Hospice Care Plus.

When the COVID pandemic began, many organizations, including Hospice Care Plus, had to make changes to adapt to new circumstances.  Hospice found that many employees in the central office in Berea could work hybrid-remote or fully remote. This dramatically downsized the office space needed to run the programs based there: home hospice care, home palliative care, bereavement care, and the small administrative staff.

In October, the Hospice Care Plus Board of Directors approved a plan to sell the Berea office and combine the central office with the organization’s Compassionate Care Center in Richmond. The Berea building was listed on November 23 with Amanda Marcum and the MARCUMsold Team at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Foster Realtors.

Berea has been home to Hospice’s central office since 2001.

“We are grateful to our Berea community for being such a welcoming home to us for so many years,” says Brenna Wallhausser, director of public relations at Hospice Care Plus.

Lisa Cox, Hospice’s CEO, says consolidating the central office and the inpatient facility, the Compassionate Care Center, has been a goal since the Center opened in 2008.

“We knew consolidation would make us more efficient and bring with it the benefit of cost savings,” says Lisa. “But, until the pandemic taught us how to take advantage of hybrid and fully remote work, we had too many staff to consolidate without changing the character of the Center. Now, we can consolidate with minimal adjustments to the facility.”

The consolidation also includes the organization’s small durable medical equipment (DME) space.  Until recently, that space was located in the Boone Square Shopping Center in Berea.

Lisa says the most significant change required by the consolidation is the addition of a small structure on the Center’s grounds to accommodate physical plant operations and DME. A small capital campaign will be launched soon to support that project.

“The capital campaign will be modest, in the $170,000 range,” says Lisa. “But, for such a small project, the immediate and long-term cost benefits are enormous. As a non-profit, it makes us much better stewards of our resources.”

Hospice Care Plus was founded as a non-profit organization to support the quality of life of its communities through hospice, palliative, and bereavement care programs. The organization serves Estill, Jackson, Lee, Madison, Owsley, and Rockcastle counties and owns and operates the Compassionate Care Center in Richmond. Relying on contributions from individuals and groups, all care is provided regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. Make a gift, explore career and volunteer opportunities, or call 859-986-1500 to learn more.