Jelemia Sanders, a 20-year volunteer at Hospice Care Plus, answers the phones at the Compassionate Care Center. Hospice is hosting a training for new volunteers on Feb. 25.

Hospice Care Plus is hosting a training for new volunteers on Sat., Feb. 25, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at our Compassionate Care Center in Richmond.

The training is for individuals who would like to help provide care and support to individuals, caregivers, and families. It’s open to adults and teens age 14 and up.

Pre-registration is required. To register, contact us at 859-986-1500 or

Jelemia Sanders, a Richmond resident who is celebrating her 20th year as a Hospice Care Plus volunteer, says many people think it’s sad work, but not for her.

“You get a lot of enjoyment out of it,” says Jelemia. “It’s not sad to me. Dying is just part of life. You’re helping somebody and you’re helping Hospice. It’s very rewarding for you and you meet a lot of good people.”

Brenna Wallhausser, director of public relations, says volunteers help in a variety of ways.

“Regardless of the amount of time you have or what kind of work interests you, we can find a role for you,” says Brenna. “If you’re open to working directly with patients and families, we have a real need for companionship and respite volunteers, people willing to make home visits to give caregivers a break. We always have a need for people who can answer phones and greet visitors at the Compassionate Care Center, too.”

Want to help recruit volunteers? Ask us for flyers that you can take to church, work, or to share with friends and family.

Volunteers also help with clerical and administrative tasks, like preparing a mass mailing or serving on a special event committee. Specialized volunteer programs, such as the Breakfast Club, the Vigil Program, We Honor Veterans, and the Teen Volunteer Program, give people additional options.

“We’re also very open to the input of our volunteers,” says Brenna. “Some things we do, like the Shadowbox Grief Workshops, were started by volunteers who saw a need and created the program. We welcome new ideas that help us care well for patients, families and the community.”

The New Volunteer Training equips participants with the knowledge and insight to work in areas like end-of-life care, caregiver support, and grief and loss. After the training, staff meet with each new volunteer to help determine which role best meets their needs, interests and availability.

For people like Jelemia, volunteering with Hospice can become a healthy, productive and meaningful way to spend time, especially in retirement.

“It’s just routine for me now,” says Jelemia. “I miss it when I’m not here. I’m a fixture.”

To register for the training or to learn more, call 859-986-1500 or email