Our hospice home care program is designed to provide compassionate, expert care for patients and families who wish to remain at home, together, in the last months of life.

Hospice home care is especially important for those who:

  • wish to avoid re-hospitalizations or ER visits
  • are focused on achieving high quality of life
  • have found that curative treatments are no longer helpful
  • prefer to be at home, surrounded by the people and places they love
  • want the caregiver and family to have support, too

Families who choose hospice care have told us they most appreciate:

  • 24/7 nurse availability
  • nurse aids who help with light housekeeping and personal care
  • weekly nursing visits to manage pain & symptoms–and more often, as needed
  • all supplies, medical equipment, and medications (related to end-of-life symptoms) covered by the Medicare Hospice Benefit and delivered to the home
  • the avaiabilty of a social wroker to help with benefits and resources, and a chaplain for spirtual support


Will I get to keep my own doctors?  YES. Our staff will work alongside your doctors and their staff to provide your care.

Do I have to wait on a doctor to refer me to hospice?  NO. You can call Hospice Care Plus anytime to request care.

Isn’t hospice care just for the last days?  NO. In fact, a landmark national study found that, on average, patients who choose hospice lived 29 days longer than patients who did not have hospice care.  In addition, the patients reported better quality of care.

Isn’t it expensive?  NO. The cost of care is covered by the Hospice Medicare Benefit, private insurance, and donations to our non-profit organization. Patients and families are never billed by us for their care, even if they have no insurance coverage.

What if, right now, I just want to ask questions?  GREAT. Asking questions is a good place to begin. Call us anytime, and we’ll take the time to talk with you about your situation, your needs, your hopes, and your concerns.


“My husband was given wonderful care and was treated with respect and dignity. Everyone was great to me and to my family. Thank you.”

–caregiver of a Hospice Care Plus patient